Bone Valley

The first to bring me to tears…

I’ve listened to a LOT of true crime podcasts… I’m a bit of a true crime junkie. And I’ve been moved by many stories of wrongful conviction, but NONE have moved me the way this story has. Gilbert and Kelsey weave a story like no other. To tell Leo’s story would have been enough, but the WAY it was told was so captivating. I’ve never been brought to tears listening to a podcast, until now. I’m so invested in this story that I can’t stop thinking about it and how I could possibly help. We ALL need to hear this story. At the heart of it is truth. And Leo put it beat when he said that his story transcends what anyone else thinks… because it’s the truth and nothing can change that. This is truly a case of storytelling changing the world. And I PRAY it changes the world of Leo and his family. Justice is deserved.

Oct. 8, 2023 by Filljrin on Apple Podcasts

Bone Valley

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