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Very informative but sometimes iffy jokes

This podcast has helped tremendously and is very enlightening, especially what she covers about the three root causes for anxiety. I’ve found them to be soooo true. I also love how easily digestible each episode is, perfect to get into a positive mindset and learn something new on a morning commute. Only downsides: the intro and outro music is so loud and abrasive, no joke it actually triggers my anxiety because it’s so sudden and bombastic. I find myself rushing to mute it. Also, I really think she should do research about alcohol and anxiety- there’s a few too many off-colored jokes about how alcohol can solve a stressful moment, etc. I get it’s a joke but alcohol is a TOP cause of anxiety- it’s literally liquid anxiety. Any drinking while on an anxiety healing journey shouldn’t be normalized.

Love it and your energy is wonderful!!

I stumbled into this podcast and ended up falling in love with it! Your energy is so great....listening to it has had brought a lot of things into the light! Keep doing what you do, your awesome at it! 🙏🏼❤️


I absolutely LOVE this podcast. I want to be your friend!! I really do feel like I’m hanging out with an old friend, as I listen to your podcast on my drive to work every morning. What an awesome way to start my day. Your podcast has been an eye opener for me. It has made me realize that my anxiety is something that I can heal. I am so interested in the anxiety boot camp. And to keep listening to this beautiful podcast that you share with the world!

This has saved my life

Thank you for sharing your insight. I have been taking too much responsibility for other people’s emotions that I have no control over. I’m in awe that this has worked so well for me. Thank you thank you!!!!

Already feeling my anxiety lifting

So glad I found this podcast in the midst of my anxiety. At work literally trying to ward off an anxiety attack, can’t wait to connect with you, thank you for your love and tips and just the willingness to share your story for the deliverance of others!!

Simply Amazing!!

I have been struggling with Anxiety on and off since high school. Im now 25 and it has come back stronger then ever. There was a week long period where I didn’t want to get out of bed, called out of work, and felt like I couldn’t leave my apartment because my anxiety had gotten SO bad. Thats when I found Emilie. The way she describes anxiety was something no one has ever told me before and it all made so much sense!! It makes me feel at ease knowing I’m not alone in feeling this way. Her tips and tools to help overcome anxiety are incredibly helpful. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Emilie! This podcast and your excitement to help others is simply amazing and incredibly inspiring! Cant wait to start your anxiety bootcamp! THANK YOU!!!💕


These podcasts have literally been a huge catalyst for healing my anxiety. Emilie is relatable, funny and full of light and love and she wants to share it with everyone! I am literally just so thankful for these podcasts. I’ve learned so much about myself and I know that I am growing a little every day. If you aren’t sure, if you’re scared, if you are stuck in a world where anxiety makes your decisions for you, PLEASE give this podcast a try.


Love love love this podcast!


Just wow. I’ve been a follower since your makeup obsession. I can’t believe how amazing and brave you are. Thank you for always teaching me how to deal with my anxiety and with life in my case. Your a huge inspiration and this podcast really got me through hard times.

Wow! Just wow!

Listened to one episode of Emilie and got more than I did from one session of therapy lol. Totally helps put things into perspective while giving me the tools to be able to handle my anxiety! I’m just ope episode in and I’m hooked! Can’t wait to grab and pen and paper and listen to the others as she helps get my anxiety under control!

Emilie is a ROCKSTAR!

Emilie has such a great way of explaining how anxiety works and how I (and you!) can actually work WITH our anxiety to help our everyday life! I so enjoy hearing her high vibe energy!

If you suffer from any type of anxiety, you must listen!

Emilie breaks down how to deal with anxiety and learn to love it. It sounds impossible, but, it’s not. She explains things in a way that is so simple and easy to understand. I love listening to these short, and to the point, podcasts.


Emilie has a great way of reframing your thinking of your anxiety! She has helped me and I’m on my way to being happy. I love that it’s available in podcast form to listen anytime and anywhere ❤️

Anxiety woes

I can’t make it to Emilie’s livestreams as much as I would like but these podcasts are an excellent idea! Emilie’s story is so relatable and makes me feel like I’m not alone. I grew up with a lot of pressure from my parents to be a certain way that did not align with my soul. Learning to axe my anxiety helps fulfill my souls purpose to live my life more fearlessly!

A “must listen” podcast if you deal with anxiety!

Emilie has a special gift of coaching people that deal with anxiety. She gives great, practical analogies and teaches a new way of looking at your anxiety. She is genuine and truly wants her followers to experience an anxiety free lifestyle. 💗