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Dec. 6, 2019

The Grief Episode with Zoe Clark Coates

The Grief Episode with Zoe Clark Coates

Heads up: we cover miscarriage and loss in this e…

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Heads up: we cover miscarriage and loss in this episode, but we also talk about dealing with the unique grief that comes from failed fertility treatment and any difficult path to bringing home a baby. My guest is grief expert, trained counsellor, author, CEO of the Mariposa Trust and Saying Goodbye, and government advisor: Zoe Clark Coates. We cover so much in this episode including: Zoe's story and how it led to the three books she has currently published and... "the value of communication, talking. Giving grief a language. As a society, we’re really bad at...I understand the power of the written word" "the significance of a service...a passage of grief. If you're grieving the fact you've never had a child: you are welcome to our services" -How the culture of dealing with fertility issues and loss is changing through the generations; the work Zoe and her organisation are doing with the NHS to encourage better support; the link between the fertility and loss communities and how we can try to eradicate the idea that one loss is worse than another by recognising that everyone is on a unique path and living their own story. I'm so happy Zoe has also agreed to gift one of her books on release of this episode, so do go to my instagram (@thisisalicerose) to see how to enter and win. You can find out more about Zoe's organisation at https://www.sayinggoodbye.org/ and find her beautiful books at any good bookshop or online. Find her on instagram too (@zoeadelle). Take care, A x


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