Nov. 10, 2023

How to choose a clinic with Fertility Mapper

How to choose a clinic with Fertility Mapper

I LOVED this great episode with Kayleigh from an incredible new platform called Fertility Mapper. It's a verified peer review site for fertility clinics...I know right?! So brilliant and needed.

They've also just launched an incredible new service which is an NHS funding eligibility calculator.

Please have a listen to find out why this platform is going to save millions of people SO much time, energy, stress and overwhelm and completely change the game for people looking for both NHS and private fertility clinics in the UK.

Fertility Mapper is a free online platform and you can support it by leaving your own review and use it here:

It's founded by Kayleigh who I chatted to on this's more about why she's the perfect person for the (very big!) job:

Kayleigh Hartigan is the founder and CEO of Fertility Mapper: an independent platform that harnesses the power of community reviews and data to make an assisted path to parenthood more personalised and transparent. The platform was created in response to a lack of data, resources and reliable information around fertility, and the need to set a new standard of treatment.

A healthcare expert with over 17+ years’ experience, Kayleigh has a BSc in the Biology of Fertility and Embryo Development (UCL) and an MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing (LSE). 

She has worked across both the public and private sector. This includes senior roles at the Department of Health and the NHS in the UK and helped to establish an informal digital advisory board that helped inform the UK’s landmark Women’s Health Strategy. 

Kayleigh has held significant executive roles in health-tech including COS of HealthHero and COO of Zava, two of Europe’s largest and fastest growing healthtech companies and a Managing Director of a European private equity advisory firm.

Kayleigh set up Fertility Mapper in 2022 to tackle the big issues of fertility by improving access to services and increasing their quality.

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