Aug. 23, 2021

Hope in the Face of Uncertainty with Natasha Lunn

Hope in the Face of Uncertainty with Natasha Lunn

Trigger Warning: Miscarriage


I had the pleasure of chatting to Natasha Lunn in today's episode. I remember feeling incredibly humbled that she got in touch to say this podcast was helpful for her. I feel really honored and grateful to Natasha for coming onto this podcast and sharing in this conversation. Within the last 2 weeks, she has released her first book - Conversations on Love - and it is just absolutely amazing! There are so many little golden, magical nuggets, and I just love it so much. I'm delighted to share this episode with you!


Natasha is a writer, author and journalist, who works as features director at Red magazine. She also writes a bimonthly email newsletter called Conversations on Love.


In this episode, we speak about:

• How important it is to name and make space for messy feelings

• Feeling like there’s no “right decision” to make in particular moments, and the shame that accompanies these decisions

• How waiting to start treatments can feel like you’re stuck between two possible futures

• The Unbearable Unknown and how to live with uncertainty

• By divorcing the hope from the outcome it gives you the space to live.

• There is no hierarchy of love and mother-child love doesn’t have to be the defining energy of your life

• Love is not the thing you’re given or you acquire; it’s the daily choices you make and how you move through the world.

• and more!


Powerful Quotes:

"I think we need to get much better at making space for these messy feelings. Those conversations have made me understand that we have to honor our individual heartbreaks because if we don’t and we don’t deal with that, it’ll show up somewhere else."


"Hoping in the face of uncertainty is not just courageous, but we cannot love anyone without doing that."


"You’re being kind to yourself by hoping. you are saying “I’m going to allow you to hope during this space because that’s a more joyful way to survive this horrible time I’m going through."


"It’s okay to have one day where you feel really sorry for yourself. Allow yourself to indulge the misery. Then tomorrow, just get up and try again. It’s useful to make space to let ourselves be a little cynical now and again."


"Life is this unfolding thing and when we can see that everybody else experiences in life what unfolds too, I think it just helps us to be a little bit gentler."



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