Oct. 25, 2021

Embodiment, Surrender, and Allowing on the Journey of Fertility with Helen Davenport Peace

Embodiment, Surrender, and Allowing on the Journey of Fertility with Helen Davenport Peace

Helen Davenport Peace is somebody I can talk to about pretty much anything, and she's one of the most wise and gentle people out there, full of knowledge and wisdom. If I’d known about Helen when we were going through our own journey, she’s someone I would have wanted on my team supporting me. I Just think she’s wonderful and I'm excited to share this conversation with you!


Helen is a yoga teacher in Greater Manchester, teaching at her new studio The Fold. She specialises in yoga for women who are trying to conceive, with an emphasis on creating a restorative space for connection to self and others. The studio is a hub for trying to conceive support with other events such as women’s circles and from autumn 2021 holistic treatments including womb massage.


In this episode, we speak about:

• Helen’s vision of wanting to create a community to be seen and heard and understood for those who are trying to conceive

• Bringing in more tenderness and self compassion, and needing to normalize conversation around guilt, shame and blame

• The personal responsibility around what information we take in and the importance of asking ourselves: what makes me feel nourished?

• Shifting out of the rigidity of the view on food and diet into one of intuition and the joy that comes with eating

• Using breathwork as a micro-moment of grounding and embodiment

• Honoring our pain and realising that it’s okay to not have a label for every feeling we experience

• The items in Helen’s Life Raft

• and more!


Powerful Quotes:

So many of us have these moments and our bodies don’t always know how to process them. The physical impact of long term anxiety and stress on our physical being is really tough. We have to begin slowing down and taking some space to think, “what can I do with that?”


You have to find the breath that works for you. Just taking 30 seconds just to do that in your day when everything feels too much can be an energetic reset.


We don’t always know what we’re feeling. Maybe numbness is perfectly valid. I think it’s about adding validity to all of the things that we feel and experience. You don’t always have to have language to attach to something; you don’t always have to know. We just have to give ourselves space.


Connect with Helen Davenport Peace:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/at_the_fold

Website: https://thefold.uk/



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