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In the right flow of energy
I always look forward to all his podcasts. The business, no limits & over coming resistance podcasts have helped me achieve goals that took me most of my adult life to achieve. Thank you Peter T

I love Ryan!!!! Been a listener for years
I loveeee Ryan’s personality & his energy. Listening to his podcast feels like having a deep and light hearted or crazy woowoo conversation with a friend who gets me. Thank you Ryan and Kris for all that you do, for being wonderful souls on Earth and for being consistent with these weekly episodes. I ALWAYS look forward to them!! So happy to have come across u guys on the internet. I learn so much from you both. (P.S. Yes, they do discuss “conspiracy theories” on the occasional episode. They’re very respectful and kind when they give their personal takes/opinions on these topics. Not pushy but simply sharing their thoughts on world events. An alternate viewpoint that you might not have considered. They don’t share their thoughts with the intention of creating conflict. That being said, these particular episodes aren't for everyone. It can get some people fired up or feeling offended if they disagree with Ryan’s viewpoints. As with anything in life, you can take it or leave it. If you don’t like those topics, just don’t listen to the episode or subscribe to this podcast. It may not be for you. But more often than not, he talks about soul healing, wealth creation, life coaching/healer business tips, and energy flow, and those are well worth the listen!

My Favorite of All Podcasts
I’m subscribed to like 30 different podcasts, but Ryan’s podcast is EASILY the one I listen to religiously, consistently, and the one i go to whenever life whoops my butt and i’m in desperate need of soul-lifting. Somehow every single episode I listen to always has exactly the right thing to say. I love Ryan’s personality, his soul, his energy, and I consider him to be one of my friends lol even though he doesn’t know of me, simply bc listening to his podcast feels like having a deep and light hearted or crazy woowoo conversation with a friend who gets me :) Thank you Ryan and Kris for all that you do, for being wonderful souls on Earth and for being consistent with these weekly episodes. I ALWAYS look forward to them. I’m obssessed with you guys and i’m so grateful to have come across u guys on the internet lol. LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Ryan is the best
I listen to this podcast religiously. Ryan offers such helpful and relevant perspective on money, spirituality, masculine + feminine, and more. So grateful for the value I get from it every week. Blessings Ryan x

This podcast is my go too! For that last few years! I’m sorry I haven’t reviewed! I wasn’t aware of the impact in can make! Ryan helps me daily! And he is one of top influencers in my life and business! Thank you Ryan!

Actionable + empowering!
No matter the topic, I gain something from every episode! I can literally feel Ryan's sincerity in everything he says, and I can tell the guests he brings on are people he's genuinely excited to share with his listeners. If you're looking to level up your life across the board - personally, professionally, and spiritually - this is where you want to be.

The best podcast and only podcast I truly love and feel activated by
Ryan is an amazing coach and leader. The content on this podcast really does make your soul wealthy. The level on consciousness brought to every episode and the level of intuition to serve what people need at the exact right time, is astonishing. I have learned so much about myself, my beliefs, masculine feminine polarity, consciousness, and wealth. This is my #1 favorite podcast and I am so grateful that it exists and I was able to find it. Thank you Ryan!

Grateful this content is here!
Thank you so very much for making this content available as people are waking up. I am personally enjoying learning to step into my feminine as I am looking to be in a relationship. I also refer this podcast to my clients when they want to know historically what’s unfolding.

My favorite podcast!
You have such a gift, Ryan! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with the world! I can always count on your podcast to deliver 👊🏻

This is the very first podcast I completely fell in love with!!!! You are EVERYTHING Ryan!!

Amazing Podcast!
Thank you so much Ryan for creating this platform and please know that you have made a huge impact on my spiritual journey! Thank you!

Totally high vibe!!
Love this podcast! I look forward to it every week and often relisten to them. When Kris is a guest, conversations between her and Ryan are hilarious. I dig the podcast's good energy, and Ryan's voice is energetic and keeps me captivated. Plus, his message is on point! Thanks for helping keep my commute and drive pleasant!

Life Changing
I’ve only been listening to this podcast for a couple weeks but I’m literally bingeing on these episodes! My whole life I’ve been ‘different’ and I finally feel like I’ve found ‘my people’ in both Ryan and Kris. It’s been life-changing for me and has helped me remember the magic I buried away a long time ago. I am also an entrepreneur and experiencing a ton of inner growth so the learning about the masculine and feminine sides of myself has been incredibly helpful and applicable. I’ll be sad when I’m all caught up!

I just love Ryan. Something is so soothing and reassuring about his voice. His personality just shines. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Love your podcast!!!
I absolutely love your podcast and your energy! My first episode listening was #51 with your wife, Kris Britton. You guys are so inspiring and full of good vibes. I'm sooo into learning and sharing about orbs, spirits, astrology, etc. so this episode was right up my alley! Can't wait to hear more!

What would you be...
Ryan! I’ve been listening to your podcasts for months! It’s what I look forward to each Monday morning. I had a solid breakthrough today listening to this episode. I decided that I could receive this life regardless of what my childhood trauma instilled in me. I immediately felt a release and an incredible sense of freedom. It was as though an element of my soul was unlocked, and a whole new door opened up for me. I’m walking through it excited for what’s in store for me! Thank you!!!

New to this path...
I am new to understanding stones, crystals and Chakra! I was drawn to Ryan when I started looking on YouTube for guidance. I like his energy and I can feel his genuine heart! I am loving what I am hearing and learning!

Gained Amazing Clarity!!
Thank you!! Love your show! The content is wonderful and has helped closed the gap I some things that I just could not get a clear understanding. It’s helped me further my clarity and continue to awaken to my true self!!

I have had so many “lightbulb moments” since I started listening to Ryan. He’s so authentic and relatable. If you don’t end the hour feeling inspired and empowered, you better check your pulse!!!

Thanks Ryan!
I found Ryan through Sarah Prout. Listened to his first podcast just a random one and loved every minute of it!! Thank you for feeding my soul Ryan❤️

Great, great, great!
The thoughts and ideas shared are so freeing and have helped me look at my whole world in a brand new way! Thank you!

Love it!
It’s so great to get a dose of Ryan every week! I love his guests and it always seems that the episode of the week is exactly what I need to hear!

The Best
Oh you know, this podcast is just casually life-changing. Ryan has a way of diving soul deep into every topic he brings onto the show. I listen to this podcast every morning while eating breakfast and it just gets me in the best mood ever and ready to start my day from a much more aligned place. Yes, I have run out of podcasts since I listen every morning, which is why I save my favorites, and listen to them AGAIN.

Love it!
Ryan has such an incredible and energetic soul! I love listening to his podcast and improving areas of my own life!

Soulfully AWESOME!!
I freaking love Ryan and how he shows up in the world. His podcast is a beautiful offering to support you on they journey! Totally dig it, can't wait for more!!

Ryan creates breakthroughs
I hired Ryan as a skeptic and a cynic. He transformed my life. In one year, I built a 1M dollar real estate business, launched my own life coaching business, and created amazing levels of clarity in my life mission and purpose. He has a gift and his words are brilliant and moving.

Love this podcast, you speak my language. I guess I'm not crazy🤗 thank you so much for the wisdom & knowledge you are sharing.

Ryan is so great. No question he will help to give you the tools to make more money, follow your passion, and find true joy while you are in the flow, but he also reminds you of your divine nature and how to reconnect with your spiritual path which is why we're here in the first place. Such a gift.

Don't miss this one!
Ryan's energy is so healing and the insights he shares have brought such expansion to my personal mindset and business! He connects from a place of authenticity that is so rare in today's climate! Check it out, you won't regret it!

Ryan is so fun, engaging and relatable. As he was interviewing his guests he was asking the exact questions I was thinking. I felt like I was getting to eavesdrop on him chatting with a friend in his living room. Listen to his podcasts, take action and you won’t be disappointed because you will start seeing your life change❤️