Soul Wealth Podcast

My Favorite of All Podcasts

I’m subscribed to like 30 different podcasts, but Ryan’s podcast is EASILY the one I listen to religiously, consistently, and the one i go to whenever life whoops my butt and i’m in desperate need of soul-lifting.

Somehow every single episode I listen to always has exactly the right thing to say. I love Ryan’s personality, his soul, his energy, and I consider him to be one of my friends lol even though he doesn’t know of me, simply bc listening to his podcast feels like having a deep and light hearted or crazy woowoo conversation with a friend who gets me :)

Thank you Ryan and Kris for all that you do, for being wonderful souls on Earth and for being consistent with these weekly episodes. I ALWAYS look forward to them. I’m obssessed with you guys and i’m so grateful to have come across u guys on the internet lol. LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

May 10, 2021 by A r a d i a on Apple Podcasts

Soul Wealth Podcast