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I love Ryan!!!! Been a listener for years

I loveeee Ryan’s personality & his energy. Listening to his podcast feels like having a deep and light hearted or crazy woowoo conversation with a friend who gets me. Thank you Ryan and Kris for all that you do, for being wonderful souls on Earth and for being consistent with these weekly episodes. I ALWAYS look forward to them!! So happy to have come across u guys on the internet. I learn so much from you both.

(P.S. Yes, they do discuss “conspiracy theories” on the occasional episode. They’re very respectful and kind when they give their personal takes/opinions on these topics. Not pushy but simply sharing their thoughts on world events. An alternate viewpoint that you might not have considered. They don’t share their thoughts with the intention of creating conflict. That being said, these particular episodes aren't for everyone. It can get some people fired up or feeling offended if they disagree with Ryan’s viewpoints. As with anything in life, you can take it or leave it. If you don’t like those topics, just don’t listen to the episode or subscribe to this podcast. It may not be for you.

But more often than not, he talks about soul healing, wealth creation, life coaching/healer business tips, and energy flow, and those are well worth the listen!

Nov. 20, 2022 by A r a d i a on Apple Podcasts

Soul Wealth Podcast

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