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Heck yes, great info and well presented

I love that you are having real conversations with real people sharing their authentic selves to help others learn valuable lessons. Nice job Ken!

Awsome Show - Listen and Learn!

Great interviewer who brings out super advice and information from his guests. Truly worth your time.

Inspiring Show

A great show and host. Love the practical insights into the traits of other successful people, and Ken's teachings on living and operating a small business with purpose!

Great Time on a Great Show

Ken is great at interviewing his guests, starting with me. I had a great time on his show and loved the questions asked.

Show up as your Best Self

The insights I am gleaning from Ken and his guests are are life-changing. Clarity, self-awareness, living from our values, being on purpose...these are ingredients for business and life success. Ken is sharing the secrets to showing up from our best selves and leading with intention. I highly recommend this show.

Clever AND inspiring! A must listen!

Ken's interviews are a perfect blend of compelling, entertaining and actionable content that will help you effectively grow your business and improve your life. Secrets of Success is a must listen!

Awesome show, highly recommend!

Ken and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content on how to become a better business leader and (more importantly) a better overall person. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Secrets of Success if you want the knowledge and mindsets to reach your overall goals (and build the company of your dreams as a result)!

Highly Recommend!

Ken and his guests share inspiring and actionable lessons on how to succeed as a leader in business (and life). Highly recommend listening to Secrets of Success if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to grow your business and reach all of your goals!