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5 plus!

If you want to be successful, this is a MUST listen.

Enjoy the show

I liked this podcast - so will you. Listened to the one with Andrew Samuel- now will listen to more

Actionable content that is super helpful to my business!

I’m excited to be an upcoming guest on this podcast. In preparation, I went to listen to an episode and was excited at how many of the episodes looked super helpful! I’m listening to an episode about leadership development and just 5 min in, I’m already excited about what I’m about to learn! -Jessica Rhodes

Powerful Story

Really Enjoyed listiend to the Danielle Shoots interview. I love the dynamic of the conversation and and the powerful impact of the show.

What an informative episode!

James and Dr. Ken Keis have provided so many good points in this episode! Thank you for this and spreading the positive message of health throughout the world.

Love the practical advice

Ken and his guests lay it out - plain and simple. I appreciate the common sense yet intelligent approach to his entrepreneurship advice.

Great stories

Great conversations and stories in a great narrative manner. Listen to learn the journeys of other entrepreneurs, their challenges, and how they overcame them to ultimately help their clients and communities.

Great Personal Development Information!

I really enjoy listening to the The Secrets of Success podcast. Ken Keis and his guests shed light on how one can improve their relationships and live a better life.

A show for Entrepreneurs

Dr. Ken has great guest. If you want to be in business you should listen to this show!

Great leadership resource

Ken’s thoughts and discussions around modern leadership are not to be missed.

Great Show

Dr. Ken Keis and his guests provide some great information to help others in their journey.

Kool & Kalm Ken Delivers the Goods

Dr. Ken has a great podcast that connects with fabulous people across the globe. I was hooked ever since listening to Isabelle Mercer's episode. All top performer's should listen to this podcast.

Excellent Show

Very much enjoyed my first experience listening to Ken interview Nicky Billou about his experience as an Iranian immigrant to Canada. Got a lot out of Nicky’s story as well as his astute observations about entrepreneurs and some of the mindset and tactical issues we face every day. Really good work!

The Right Message at the Right Time

This is a great podcast that seems to hit on simple themes that make great results. Every episode brings up something I can apply to my life immediately.

Learned and still learning from this show

Tips, advice, and all the fun things in between. This is the show to listen to for people out there who want to be motivated in life.

Feeling Enriched

This podcast has very engaging content and great guests.

Inspiring show!

I love listening to Dr. Ken and his amazing guests. If you're looking for inspiration, you should definitely tune in to Secrets of Success! It will have you feeling motivated to improve all aspects of your life.

Fantastic show!

Love the advice Ken and his guests share! Thank you!

A Must-Listen!

Secrets of Success is a must-listen for anyone! Ken's passion for life and the message he shares is applicable to every person, I couldn't recommend it more!

No Secrets Here - This is a GREAT Podcast!

Great podcast w/ a great host! Let Ken and his guest experts uncover the secrets to their success and give you the tools you need for your success. Listen and learn!

Great show!

Dr. Keis and his guests deliver great insight and inspiration for listeners to learn more about themselves. Listen to a few episodes, you'll be hooked!

Highly recommended

This show has so much great information in it, give it a listen!

Everything is a Learning Experience

Lots of great information and insights, look forward to learning more!

Continue to Learn

I have learned a lot from Dr. Keis, about myself and others, through his personality style indicator (PSI) and continue to learn from his books and now this podcast!

Highly Recommended

As a Mentor, I highly recommend this Podcast Series to anybody willing to raise their level of awareness. Thank you to Dr. Ken Keis for paying forward this informative knowledge to listeners and enriching people's lives.

Inspiring, Informative & Applicable

Dr. Keis is living proof that pursuing your dreams and passion pays off. His desire to see people succeed in every area of life is evident through the various guests he interviews and how he honors their personal triumphs. He asks great questions that are always with his listeners in mind. Whether you are the CEO of your household or of a Fortune 500 corporation, you will find practical, applicable wisdom from podcast guests that will inspire you to succeed in life, just as they have.

Great listen

Super collection of podcast episodes. If you're serious about topics related to success, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement, give a listen.

Very insightful!

Being a lifetime learner, I always enjoy listening to Ken’s Podcast Episodes. He seems to attract great quality guests!

breakthrough research on self-awareness

I love the pace of this show! Fast moving, informative and fun. The questions are intuitive and natureal, not contrived. Just what my brain needed!

Great show - very informative

This show is super informative and easy to listen to!