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Valuable Content!

Ken does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and informed!

Expanding The Definition of Success

Dr. Ken's highly valuable podcast demonstrates that there is just not one secret to success. Instead, success is both multi-dimentional and can be defined in countless ways. Consequently, his wide range of topics and guests provide a 360-degree look at success and leadership, giving valuable insight in what it takes to be successful in the 2020s. In addition, Dr. Ken's interviewing skills bring out the best in the guests -- resulting in captivating listening.

Heal Your Hunger: Simple steps to stop your emotional eating with Tricia Nelson

I really enjoyed this podcast. Tricia shares her journey and then some really great tips To deal with the Reasons behind emotional eating. She gives tips for handling the emotions which are behind the eating. I highly recommend.

Guests with real life experience

Ken brings on an all star cast of guests who have real life experience for how to learn from setbacks and the secrets for meaningful success.

Insightful questions

Ken asks some deep questions of his guests, which is incredibly helpful. Truly unique and unlike other podcasts that stay more surface level with guests

Great lessons on success

Ken brings a diverse range of speakers who share powerful lessons for success. If you’re looking for actionable ways to experience more success in your life, look no further.

Concise and VERY Informational...

I am a podcast junkie - and success junkie as well :-) This is a great show… highly recommended

Excellent message

Dr. Kreis provides informative and enlightening commentary and guests to help us all pursue and achieve success

Very Good Podcast

I love podcast and this one is always full of great insight and motivation. You can tell that Ken really wants to help his listeners. Definitely worth putting on your podcast listen list!


Thank you Ken for bringing on inspiring guests and sharing actionable ideas with your audience!

Awesome Show!!

Loved the episode with Cody Byrns! Very inspirational from such a young man and a great conversation. Thanks so much for the share!

Great Podcast

Great and insightful interviews. Amazing content and guest

Love it!

Ken is an absolute gem! Must-listen if you want to level-up in life!4


Great podcast! Highly recommend!! Ken and his guests offer unique insights into business and success.

Great Listen

Very informative and plesant to listen to!

Great podcast, great guests

Really enjoyable! Can’t get enough

Amazing show!!!

Ken Keis is amazing host! Love all the information you provide and great guest. Amazing podcast!


It took me only one episode to be completely sold on this show! Dr. Keis is an expert on success, sales, and the psychology behind what makes us successful. Check it out!

Thank You!

Thanks for giving us so many great podcasts to learn from. So good!

Come back tomorrow and more secrets will be revealed! :-)

I listened to the episode featuring Kim Walsh Phillips recently - Ken is a great interviewer and brings out the secret sauce of experts like Kim. The flowing and moving format is one that I really enjoy. Ken goes where he needs to go and pays attention so that he can find the gold for all of us. The people on this show have great stories to share and each brings out more good stuff that I can use for inspiration.

Overcoming Addiction

I listened to the episode about overcoming addiction. Needless to say it was powerful. Great listen!

What Is Valuable

Ken walks through true stories both from his life and the life of other professionals. If you haven’t listened to his episode on “Values. The Critical Component.” is vital to understand how you make “the right” decisions. Emotion can blur decisions...Ken helps you think with great sobriety.

Transformative Leadership Tips

The best leaders are continually learning and reflecting on how they can grow the capabilities needed to serve more effectively. I like this podcast as Ken provides valuable information and insight, and his values are service (like mine). No hype about making millions in minutes ... rather a deeper, more thoughtful dive into what truly makes a life meaningful. Thanks!

Really powerful conversations

I love the space that Dr. Ken gives for conversations to actually develop and unfold. I also enjoy the pace of the interviews, the natural flow of conversation. Not only is the quality of the guests so high, but there is also an authenticity there and humility which I really enjoy.

Valuable Secrets!

So many great guests and compelling episodes - really enjoyed Dr. Ken’s interview style! Self mastery, clarity, authenticity, leadership, purpose - love the values he represents !


Loved the perspective–It's relatable and infomative. One episode I listened to specificaly, I really appreciated the concept of purpose and giving back to the community.

President of CBM, Inc.

I truly admire what Dr. Ken is providing to the public. He is giving all listeners guidance and tips to reach their goals and no matter what challenges you are facing you will be encouraged and motivated to live your best life!

Very informative show!

Dr. Ken Keis has an awesome show here. The content is always spot-on and the guests help bring home a powerful message every episode. This is a must-listen show!

Brooke Alpert To Living Healthy

Always love Dr. Ken’s easy breezy style together with thoughtful intelligent guest combines for a entertaining, educational and enlightening podcast experience. Loved it!-Dr. Tim Warren

Great interviewer

Dr. Ken is awesome interviewing and pulls unique stores and perspectives from his guests. Highly recommend!