Aug. 8, 2022

#93 Embodied Meditation - Neil McKinley

#93 Embodied Meditation - Neil McKinley

About my Guest:

Neil McKinlay is an embodied meditation teacher who has been practicing his entire adult life. Reflecting a longstanding interest in how this work enriches and is enriched by our everyday lives, he offers a range of resources that encourage and empower us to consciously link meditation and daily living. These include two online communities (the free to access Living Meditation Network and the subscription-based Online Gatherings) and the ‘Bringing Meditation to Life’ podcast. Neil lives in Victoria, British Columbia with his wife and daughter.

What we Discussed:

- His Swimming Coach taught him Meditation

- Embodied Meditation

- Different Retreats

- Advantages of Online Meetings

- His Book 'Learning to Swim'

- The Living Meditation Network

- The Online Gathering

- Why Guided Meditation is a great way to start meditating

- Breaking from a Toxic Community

- His Podcast 'Bringing Meditation to Life'

and more

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