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Roy is an enthusiastic, well-read and researched host. He brings on intelligent guests with plenty of great advice on an array of subjects.

Great variety of meditations!
Nice combination of actual meditations and interviews. Excellent!

Great podcast!
Super guests, great interview style and topics!

A genuine conversation
I really enjoyed the genuine conversation with Roy. He is invested in his guests and his material and brings a personal touch to all his shows.

Great podcast host!
Roy is an excellent podcast host! He asks great questions and truly cares about this subject.

Roy is awesome!
What a fun conversation. Roy is so interested and engaged, and asks fantastic questions. I love what he’s doing in the world by offering this information about contemplative practice. He takes the topic to really fun places. Wonderful!

What a fun and awesome interview!
i loved being on Roy’s podcast. He was generally calm and friendly and asked great questions. Kept me on the edge my chair! I loved answering his many questions. I hope you love the interview!

Roy is a great host with a good focus
He asks excellent questions. And I especially enjoyed the opportunity to share the music that helps me when I do centering prayer (Christian form of meditation.)

The leading podcast on all things meditation
Absolutely the best podcast to learn about meditation! I always learn something new. Highly recommended.

Roy is the Leader in Speaking Skills
Absolutely the best podcast to listen to to improve and keep your speaking skills sharp! I always learn something new that helps my speaking career. Highly recommended.

Laid back and friendly conversation!
Enjoyed laid back and friendly conversation! We were able to hit all the key points regarding centering prayer and how it can help people.

Just what I needed...
The Episode 2 meditation was just what I needed today! Thank you!