How to Start a Podcast

Learn how to Podcast from Start to Finish online course. You will be able to move at your own pace.

Includes :

Finding your Niche.

Advice with Logo.

Website advice.

What Platform to Use.

Pre Recording Tips.

Basic Video Editing.

Audio Editing.

Equipment to use.

Types of Shows you can do & Categories.

Tips to avoid future problems for co-hosting.

How to Prepare for an Interview.

How to get Guests.




How to Win in Court

Preparing for Court
Whether you're training for the Olympics or fighting for justice in court, winners know they must prepare to be ready for the competition.

Most cases can be won before trial.


This course shows you HOW to prepare:

Proper pleadings that define your position.

Discovery tools that put evidence in the record.

Motions that force the court to act.

Objections that prepare for possible appeal.

Memoranda that tell the court why you should win.

... and much, much more!

Be prepared!

With proper preparation and this powerful course, you can win before trial.


Zona Health

Use your body’s own physiology to help you reach your health goals
The Zona Plus uses a series of complex algorithms to read your body’s daily potential and adjust each day’s exercise to match. Using your own strength, the Zona Plus guides the user through each session using visual and auditory cues to make it easy and stress free.

Cardiovascular Health
Decades of research link isometric exercise to improved cardiac autonomic and muscle vasodilatory responses.

Increased Nitric Oxide
Isometric contraction induces the Ca2+-independent activation of the endothelial nitric oxide synthase.

The Zona Plus is recommended by Dave Asprey in his new book, Super Human.

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Includes: • Zona Plus Series 3 Device • Carrying Case • A/C Charger • 2 Lifetime Memberships to My Zona Health • Personal Heart Health Coach


Nesa's Hemp

100% rich and full cold-preserved hemp extract with every healing compound nature intended.

How Nesa’s works to restore your body.
2 servings taken daily according to package directions give you all the power of living hemp.

Pure hemp’s superior absorption power gets cannabinoids into your body right away to promote balance through every system. It’s nature’s solution in the purest form.

NOTE: Hemp is not habit forming, has no psychoactive properties (it won’t make you high) and can be taken long term.

End those sleepless nights!
Wake up feeling rested and refreshed
Have the energy to tackle your days

Enjoy a better, more stable mood
Fight feelings of overwhelm
Strengthen ties with friends and family

Say goodbye to that tired, achy body
Get back to doing what you love
Rediscover the joy of an active life



Podcast Planner

Helping Podcasters with a usuable planner that should help get more downloads

Website Design or Animation

2D/3D Animation
For web, tv, cinema, and other distribution media.

Web Design & Programming
We implement your ideas and dreams in the best possible way. There is no limit to creativity.

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Activation Products

We're here to show you things that can help you feel great. It’s that simple.

Our mission is to provide premium health products that help you age gracefully and live a healthier, happier life.

Get On Podcasts to Promote Your Book or Company

Find Podcasters in a Platform for Podcasters and Guests to meet in a very professional manner. The system shows all social media and bio or the guests. It also logs bookings and reviews.


Revolut Account

Excellent currency exchange rate for online banking

One app, all
things money
From easy money management, to travel perks and investments. Open your account in a flash

WISE Account

175 countries. 50 currencies. One account.

Free, 17-Week Online Class with Spiritual Teacher

Experience the Mystical Dimension
of Your Body, Mind, and Life
Free, 17-Week Online Class with Spiritual Teacher,
Author, and Healer Ken W. Stone