Sept. 24, 2022

#108 Mindfulness at Work - Samantha Amit

#108 Mindfulness at Work - Samantha Amit

About my Guest:

Samantha Amit Co Author of Mindfulness at Work : The Practice and Science of Mindfulness for Leaders, Coaches and Facilitators, Leadership Coach (PCC) and Team Coach (ITCA) and Mindful Leadership Facilitator .  Creator of the Mindful Leadership Online Program growing resonant, resilient leaders, teams, and companies now during Covid-19 and post pandemic.    Based in Israel, coaching leaders in over 25 countries to achieve more, collaborate and thrive. My uniqueness is the combination of highly practical approaches that I use that are brain-based and backed by the latest research.  I motivate, support & challenge while offering a set of practices that leaders can choose from, to understand their thinking and how through building self-awareness, experimenting and making conscious choices we can amplify our leadership: manage ourselves better, be intentional, influential and positively impact others and our ecosystem.  Trained MBSR Mindfulness-based stress reduction practitioner (Bangor University and IDC)

What we Discussed:

- Stress that led to meditation

- Informal Practice

- How the Phone Stops Meditation

- Should you make your children meditate

- Where she studied

- A Short Guided Meditation

- The Book she co-authored

- Keeping people focused when coaching a team online

and more

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