Sept. 2, 2022

#103 Fear is a Future Based Emotion - Bo Bissett

#103 Fear is a Future Based Emotion - Bo Bissett

About my Guest:

Bo Bissett is the creator of Amo Ni. Amo Ni is a blended philosophy incorporating kinesiology (muscle testing), meridian release points, pranayamic breathing, and NLP. Together, these practices form a heart-centered clearing method that gets you out of your own way, skyrockets your intuition, and removes the controls your past emotions have over today's decisions and tomorrow's results.
Amo, in Spanish, means "I love". Ni, in Chinese, means "you".

Amo Ni healing guide in charge of exposing the self-awareness necessary to find the healer inside so you can make lasting changes.

What we Discussed:

- Breathwork that stimulates the Vegas Nerve

- Anger issues at a young age

- Nearly died twice in car accidents

- His Process to Heal

- Don't Relive the Story

- The Memory of Pain Poisons us

- Fear is a future based emotion

- What is Amo Ni

and more

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