"If you think you can or you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford

Carrie Barrett

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Carrie Barrett completed her first marathon and triathlon in 2002 on a complete whim and it should come as no surprise that her results reflected this. Still, though, when you invest a few thousand dollars in unknown sports, what do you do? You sign up for more races, of course!

This 20-year investment in running and triathlon may not have provided much of a monetary return, but the true ROI has been invaluable in terms of experience, friendships, self-confidence, resilience, coaching opportunities, and mentorships. Today, she splits time between Bend, Oregon and Austin, Texas where she’s a coach, writer, podcast host and producer - including:

"The Purple Patch Podcast," hosted by Matt Dixon
"The PLANSTRONG Podcast," hosted by Rip Esselstyn
“Hit Plat Not Pause” Podcast, hosted by Selene Yeager
"If We Were Riding," hosted by Sara Gross and Sarah True
The "Women's Performance Podcast" hosted by Sara Gross

She's written two books (available) on Amazon and her work has been featured in Austin Fit Magazine, Triathlete Magazine, Active.com and more.