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Sept. 6, 2017

6 Just Kusko - Happy Tiger Tales

6 Just Kusko - Happy Tiger Tales

The Adventures of Tig the Tiger

This week’s interview subject is just as endearing, whimsical and unique as the adventure she’s on.

Most of us have heard of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” or “Where in the world is Matt Lauer,” right? A lot of us are also familiar with the Flat Stanley cartoon that elementary aged kids send around the world to learn about travel and geography.

Well, my friend Kusko has taken these two concepts of travel and discovery to the next level...for charity...with her Happy Tiger Tales Adventure!

I first started seeing these crazy social media pics about a year ago. Here was my adult friend dressed in a furry tiger costume in front of the Eiffel Tower, on a real African safari, in Barcelona, and so many other places.   Getting these often humorous and playful shots is Kusko’s way of, as she says, “Connecting humanity through happiness.” People laugh, they hug the tiger, they take photos with the tiger and they take photos of the tiger. Bottom line - it connects people and it brings defenses down. She calls these shots, “a tiger nab,” because so much of what happens surrounding these hilarious photosis often so organic and spontaneous.

During her travels last year, she dreamed up a way of giving back-  an "around the world" adventure race for the entire month of September. Thanks to Kusko and the generosity of many, over 150 kids at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas are also following along with Kusko and "Tig the Tiger" with their fully donated Lil' Explorer kits that include virtual reality glasses, a t-shirt, travel journal, bracelet and more. Not only do they get to participate in the Happy Tiger Tales adventure race, but they also get to learn about each destination and make requests of Tig the Tiger along the way. 


Want to follow along and see what crazy shenanigans Tig is up to? Dare to venture a guess where she's headed next? These photos are guaranteed to enlighten, inspire and make you smile.

Facebook: Happy Tiger Tales

Instagram:  @HappyTigerTales

GoFundMe: To donate to the Lil' Explorer Kits 

Let the adventure begin with Just Kusko - aka - Tig the Tiger


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