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June 8, 2020

52 Kelly O'Mara, Editor-in-Chief of Triathlete Magazine

52 Kelly O'Mara, Editor-in-Chief of Triathlete Magazine

Connect, Adapt, Keep People Engaged

Kelly O’Mara, Editor-in-Chief of Triathlete Magazine, has been a contributor at Triathlete for a while and you may know her “Salty Triathlete” columns - a hilarious, often sarcastic look at some of our type A idiosyncrasies.

Kelly took over the helm of Triathlete earlier this year when…you know…things were normal. We were scouting races, people wanted pool workouts, volunteers were allowed to take your clothes off, see your naked smelly body, and help you change in a changing tent amidst the hysterical mass of sweat and all sorts of bodily droplets — not any more.

Her editorial calendar? Out the window. Correspondents at races? Nope. As an athlete herself, Kelly was also thrown into the abyss with the rest of us.

What do you do when you’re the leading voice of a sport that was essentially left rudder-less?

You connect, you adapt, and you use the resources you have to keep people engaged. The result? A product that is better than ever.

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