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Aug. 30, 2017

5 Christie Tracy and Carolyn Defoore - Cycling Golden Girls

5 Christie Tracy and Carolyn Defoore - Cycling Golden Girls

Cycling Golden Girls

 This week, it's my long-awaited conversation with Austin's Cycling Golden Girls, Carolyn Defoore and Christie Tracy. They both represented in a big way at this year's USA Cycling Masters National Championships, bringing home a slew of medals including:

Christie Tracy (ATC Racing): Gold in the Time Trial Race, Silver in Road Race

Carolyn Defoore (Athlete Architecture): Gold in Road Race, Silver in Crit Race

In the conversation, which is an article in the September issue of Austin Fit Magazine, we talk about the differences between the different cycling disciplines, what it takes to be good at any or all of these specialties, the arduous physical and mental preparation, what it means to be a mentor for up-an-comers, and, most importantly, how to get over fears of failure and crashing. 

Our Golden Girls spill it all and we celebrate their victories!

 Photo credit: Jamie Tracy

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