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Feb. 11, 2019

44 Kayleigh and Sandy Williamson

44 Kayleigh and Sandy Williamson

First Person with Down Syndrome to Complete the Austin Half Marathon

Carrie Barrett interviews 29-year-old, Kayleigh Williamson, and her Mom, Sandy Williamson. 

In 2017, Kayleigh made history by becoming the first person with Down syndrome to complete the Austin Half Marathon. 

She's become quite a celebrity since then and has even started her own charity fitness group called Kayleigh's Club - for individuals with disabilities and their families. Their mission? Drive meaningful change in the way we encourage health, wellness, and movement-based activity by improving quality of life through fitness and community involvement.

It's been two years and Kayleigh is on a roll! In fact, she's toeing the line once again at the 2019 Austin Half Marathon on February 17th. Her goal is to finish under four hours (almost 2.5 hours faster than her first attempt) and officially complete the Austin Distance Challenge.

We can't wait to follow every step from this inspiring young lady and her Mom. Together, they are unstoppable.   

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