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March 29, 2018

25 Audrey Wright - Vegan Bikini Competitor and Entrepreneur

25 Audrey Wright - Vegan Bikini Competitor and Entrepreneur

25 Audrey Wright - Vegan Bikini Competitor and Entrepreneur


Do you ever get the feeling you’ve lived a few lifetimes, or that you’re sometimes intuitively and divinely being led to go through difficult phases even though you might not know why at that moment? 

That's how Audrey Wright describes her 24 years on this earth so far. It's been an emotional and transformative journey; one about seeking perfection and control through disordered eating, multiple jobs, schools, moves, and career paths. It's a familiar journey that many of us fall into - utter confusion, really, about what we’re supposed to be eating, what’s healthy, what we should be doing with our lives, what path we should take...Life is about seeking, experimenting, and, ultimately, following your gut instinct and sticking to your convictions.

After following her intuition through many twists and turns, Audrey has found a love and passion for competing as a vegan bikini competitor. Believe me, we spend a big chunk of time digging into that lifestyle.

  • How do you train for these competitions?
  • What do you eat, especially as a vegan?
  • What is this cutting weight stuff all about?
  • What's with the hair, makeup, and fake tan?

When she’s not in the gym, you may also find her at Whole Foods and People’s Pharmacy in the Austin area, promoting her new business venture as a Texas Distributor of CoCo Whip— "The Original Healthy Soft Serve" made with Coconut Water.

Audrey Wright is endearing, smart, and passionate. 

She’s got a fascinating story and she's just getting started.

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