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March 22, 2018

24 Nick Symmonds - Two-Time Olympian to CEO

24 Nick Symmonds - Two-Time Olympian to CEO

Perseverance to Thrive in Sport and Business

My guest is Two-Time Track and Field Olympian and Run Gum CEO, Nick Symmonds.

Many people have a mindset that “success” is some type of destination. Like, “IF I get this job, THEN I’ll be successful,” or, “If I get this time, or marry this person, or get this job… only then could I be a success.”

We know, though, that success is not a destination, but an entire journey that Nick Symmonds epitomizes in the clearest way. He’s been to the Olympics - TWICE - and that alone certainly makes him a “success.” But, rest assured, he’s not done. In fact, as CEO of Run Gum, he’s just getting started.

Today, we talk about the similarities in being a high-level athlete and a successful business entrepreneur. He discusses his fears, doubts and commitment to maintain a work/life balance. 

We also talk about running. What does he miss most? When did he know it was time to retire? How has the sport changed? 

Of course, we talk about his company and product, Run Gum - a no sugar, no calorie, gum that is the perfect and simple energy boost for athletes, business folks and anyone who needs a little caffeine boost without the GI distress of sugary gels and beverages.

If you’re interested in learning more- go to rungum.com and become a backer for their Kickstarter campaign to support the launch of their new Extra Strength Spearmint flavor


And while you’re at it...place an order and support this successful start-up. 

Run Gum Website

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