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Jan. 29, 2018

20 Dayna Latham and Nick Logan-Becoming an Ultraman

20 Dayna Latham and Nick Logan-Becoming an Ultraman

Average Athlete to Ultraman

Let's, once again, explore the "whys" and the motivations behind pushing our limits as "normal" human beings.

Texas native, Dayna Latham is, by all accounts, an average athlete...and, by average, I mean to say that she doesn't chase speed or podiums. She has done Ironmans and she has completed Ultra Trail Runs. She does it for the love and not for the glory or the ego. As of now, she's also a mere three weeks away from competing in Ultraman Florida, a three-day ultra-endurance triathlon:

Day 1: Swim 6.2 miles/Bike 92 miles
Day 2: Bike 171 Miles
Day 3: Run 52.4 Miles

Why? Why? Why? Well, it was definitely something I was asking Dayna and her Coach, Nick Logan of Prime Endurance Multisport during this interview. Full disclosure, Dayna has been a friend for many years and I'm actually part of her crew for this event coming up February 16th-18th. We follow along in a van all three days to provide nutritional, mechanical, and, most importantly, emotional support. Not only will I capture some interview footage, but I'll also help pace her 52.4 mile run on Day 3. 

Again. Why? Coach Nick, Dayna and I talk about the details of something so daunting. She discusses the toll it takes emotionally, socially, physically and financially. 

How do you begin to train for something like this? What does that coach/athlete relationship look like? How much do you really have to train? What do they hope to accomplish after all is said and done? 

At Ultraman, there is no fanfare at the finish line. If you're lucky, there may be a few volunteers and some water. So, you're certainly not doing it for the accolades. Here's what I do know...There will be a loving crew of six waiting to greet Dayna with big wide open arms...and maybe a little champagne.

Best of luck to Dayna!

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