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Jan. 8, 2018

18 Planning the Perfect Triathlon Season - LIVE from Bicycle World

18 Planning the Perfect Triathlon Season - LIVE from Bicycle World

Strategies and Advice on Budgeting, Planning, Training and Recovery

We took the "I Could Never Do That" podcast on the road to Bicycle World Austin for an expert Coach Discussion on "Planning the Perfect Triathlon Season."

Our panel was moderated by Host, Carrie Barrett and featured:

Natasha van der Merwe - Pro Triathlete, Coach and Director of Team Programs for Bicycle World

Paul "Barney" Matthews - Pro Triathlete and Coach

Steve Blackmon - USAT L1 Coach and Dave Scott L1 and L2 Coach


Show Notes:

0:00-4:55 Introductions of Coach Panel: Steve Blackmon, Paul 'Barny' Matthews and Natasha van der Merwe

5:00 What Does It Mean to Plan the Perfect Tri Season? An Overview

8:15 Coach/Athlete Meetings- When you sit down with an athlete for the first time, what do you want to know? What are you asking them?

11:15 Building Strategies for the New Year -Coming off of holidays, gluttony, etc…While we need to build slowly, races do seem to be approaching quickly. Do you have any advice on how you build people this time of year?

13:45 What Happens if You Get Sick? Should we make up workouts? Should we train anyways?

16:35 Goal Setting - How should we set goals for the season?

21:30  Benchmark Testing - What does it mean? How often do you do it?

28:05 Structure and Periodization to your season and training - What is training periodization and how important is this structure? How important is base training?

31:55 Block Training - Do any of you do any block training where you focus on one discipline for an extended period of time?

35:30 Nutrition Strategies - Are carbs evil? Coach Natasha and Paul discuss their nutrition rules and strategies for success. Hint: It starts with fueling your workouts! 

45:30 Recovery and Strength - If you don’t eat correctly and sleep at least 7-8 hours, you’re not helping yourself in the long run.

How do we fit it in?   How important is strength and what types of exercises should we be doing? What are the best forms of recovery? Hydration - how much do I need to fuel my workouts?

54:30 Q&A/ Facebook Live

How important is spousal support?
How much should you spend on a bike?


Special Thanks To:

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Cycle Chauffeur
Texas Beef Council
Christoper Reynolds for Sound Engineering and Photography 

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