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Nov. 6, 2017

12 Pam LeBlanc - Living a Life of Adventure

12 Pam LeBlanc - Living a Life of Adventure

Getting Your Hair Wet!

This week’s guest is Austin based journalist Pam LeBlanc. I’m not gonna lie, she kinda has my dream gig...getting paid to try new sports, activities, hikes and other crazy adventures.  

If you live around Central Texas, you’ve, no doubt, followed Pam in the Austin American Statesman and her popular “Fit City” Column and Blog.  Pam is the real deal and by that I mean she was actually raised in Austin -- What? A local??

Even if you’re not familiar with Pam and her work, you will NO doubt, gain a tremendous amount of respect FOR her and inspiration FROM her. Because, if you think Pam was born a natural and gifted athlete, think again. She talks openly about her awkward years and low self-esteem that held her back from doing many things. It wasn’t all trophies and finish lines for this woman growing up. Good Lord no...She developed courage in spite of her fear...and it’s that courage that keeps pushing her to try new things whether it’s running a naked 5K, rappelling off a building or even writing her first novel…

None of these take athletic prowess. They take BRAVERY and Pam LeBlanc musters it every day. After hiking the John Muir trail for 15 days, Pam decided to start writing about her “Year of Adventure.” After listening to this, I think you’ll agree that Pam has had a LIFE of adventure.  

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