June 3, 2022

The Singapore Theory- Exploring Costume as Paranormal Stimuli

The Singapore Theory- Exploring Costume as Paranormal Stimuli

Joining me today are two guests Rusette Auton and Karin Beasant. Karin has previously featured in season one when exploring The Jamaica Inn  and joined us today to share an amazing experiment that took place at Woodchester Mansion. This experiment, known as The Singapore Theory, was aided by Rusette Auton who is the Managing Director of Bath Theatrical.

We were able to dive into some of the haunting history of Woodchester Mansion, the paranormal investigations and activity associated with Bath Theatrical's premises as well as chat about this rather intriguing experiment and how Rusette may be able to support other people within the paranormal field and beyond interested in using her bespoke services.

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Rusette Auton from Bath Theatrical

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Karin Beasant (From The Jamaica Inn and South Bristol Paranormal Team)

Jamaica Inn Information:

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoP-8BBmc31Tj2qpLQYsMsA/videos?app=desktop

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South Bristol Paranormal Information:

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Jamaica Inn Paranormal TeamProfile Photo

Jamaica Inn Paranormal Team


Karin Beasant has a wealth of experience in the field of investigating the paranormal and has been part of the site paranormal investigation team at The Jamaica Inn in Cornwall for the past eight years conducting research and regular investigations into the history, folklore and hauntings surrounding the inn. Her love, passion and enthusiasm for The Jamaica Inn and for the paranormal field itself is evident in everything that she does.

South Bristol ParanormalProfile Photo

South Bristol Paranormal

South Bristol Paranormal has grown from a simple hobbyist group to a well-known team in the paranormal community.
They believe in a straightforward rational approach to investigating haunted locations and are committed to a strict rule of ethics, honesty, and respect for the locations they are able to investigate in.

Rusette Auton Managing Director of Bath TheatricalProfile Photo

Rusette Auton Managing Director of Bath Theatrical

Once upon a time in a street called London Road in Bath, UK, there lived a lady by the name of Mollie Lea (Mollie Fisher was her stage name). She would sit and sew long into the night. Sewing on lace, frills, buttons and beads, she created magical characters which actors would bring to life on stage.
​Soon her front room was bursting with fabrics, dresses and all sorts of elegant gowns and it was time to find somewhere bigger. And so, still on the same road, some will remember, in 1969, Bath Theatrical Costume Hire was set up at 2 The Ballastrade, London Raod, Bath.
This tiny little shop soon filled up with a variety of colourful costumes depicting characters from all the ages. Once Mollie (affectionately known as 'Our Mol' to her friends) decided it was time to retire in her late 70's, her daughter, Dinah took over. She too had spent a life in the theatre, directing, producing, writing and performing. Until now, the costume shop had only hired to individuals. Things were about to change and it was to grow into a different dimension. Bath Theatrical bought out a warehouse in Frome which already had large stock of costumes and with the addition of the stock from Bath, they could now dress productions as well as individuals. For a while, the two shops operated in both locations but this proved to be impractical and so, the little shop on the Ballastrade was sold and the operation moved to Frome. ... and there, the team continued to sew and c… Read More