‘All houses in which men have lived and died are haunted houses: through the open door the harmless phantoms on their errands glide, with feet that make no sound upon the floor.’

Henry Wordsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)


Old buildings often have personalities. There is a palpable sense of place wherever people have lived and loved, and fought and triumphed and despaired. In some places, when the circumstances are right, the events of the past are projected onto the present, just for an instant.


Traditionally across all cultures and as far back as Old Testament times, ghosts have been thought to appear to the living, often with a message or dire warning. More modern theory suggests that these are not lost souls, but recordings from former times. The veil slipped for a moment, and in that interval, a window into a former era was glimpsed and replayed sharing scenes of high drama, crisis or the aftermath of tragedy and remorse. Alternatively, these moments mere vignettes from the everyday sharing moments mundane and ordinary of people and a time no longer with us.


Haunted History Chronicles is a record to some of these unique places around the world with historical importance and stories to dive into. Each of these places have their own personalities, rich histories of people and events that should be remembered, unique atmosphere and ghostly connections to investigate and share.


So, curl up and enjoy discovering the history and ghostly events that surround some of these amazing different places, locations and people to explore beyond the veil..... 

About the Host

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Host, author and producer

Hi I’m Michelle.
Teacher, podcaster, history and paranormal enthusiast and woman who wears many hats and spins many plates including dog whisperer- as you will often find Archie my dog- joining me during podcast recordings where he promptly falls asleep clearly not as enthusiastic about the subject as I am. It does mean his dulcet snoring can often be heard gently in the background- his contribution as occasional co- host needs a little work.
I live in Oxford in the United Kingdom and I love travelling and exploring historical sites throughout the UK for its history and haunted activity. One of the best gifts I ever received was English Heritage vouchers to use to explore various different historical sites. I had the best summer that year. (For friends and family possibly reading this please note that hint for future gift ideas!)
I started this podcast as an adventure through some of my passions. It has been immensely exciting getting to know lots of other people around the world who have these same common interests. I’ve been humbled by the encouragement and support from strangers and people who have become new friends! I truly could not do this without you.
This isn’t something I have done before and I’m learning everything as I go along - from equipment, to editing, to even creating this website. I’m loving it though- it’s a lot of work - but worth every second. Thank you for being patient as I learn and improve along the way. I have big dreams of where to take this podcast and community I hope we build here. If you wish to support that dream and this c… Read More