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February 13, 2021

The Spiritualist Movement- featuring Kate Cherrell

Joining me this week is Kate Cherrell a PhD candidate specialising in 19th Century Gothic. Kate lectures widely on Victorian mourning cultures and the Spiritualist movement and will be sharing some of this insight with us in ...

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February 06, 2021


In today's podcast you will have the chance to explore the history and paranormal activity surrounding a castle with over 1000 years of heritage, intrigue, murder, torture, ambitions, plots and so much more. It was here that ...

Ghosts Of England Ghost Story Paranormal Haunted Castle History Ghosts

January 30, 2021

A Paranormal Investigation of Llanthony Secunda Manor

Llanthony Secunda Manor is an 800 year old manor house with a monastic history. This hidden gem does not disappoint and is one that we dive deep into in this podcast. Thank you for listening. If you wish to support the Haunte...

Ghosts Of England Ghosts History Paranormal Haunted Manor

January 23, 2021

The Mysteries of Tettenhall Towers

Tettenhall Towers was first built as a country house in 1771 before being turned into the school that it is today. This large country home was the residence of some intriguing and 'interesting' characters- figures we will be ...

Ghosts Ghosts Of England Paranormal History Haunted School

January 16, 2021

The Jamaica Inn- Hauntings, History and Folklore

The Jamaica Inn has long provided travellers with a resting place and ales. It is also a location long associated with smugglers and wreckers- people who would purposefully lure unsuspecting ships out at sea on to the awaiti...

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January 09, 2021

The Haunting History of Shrewsbury Prison

Shrewsbury Prison that we see today was built in 1877 having been built to replace an earlier Georgian prison dating back to 1791 on the same grounds. This prison was finally closed in 2013 having seen countless executions du...

Ghosts Of England Paranormal History Ghosts Ghost Story Haunted Prison

December 25, 2020

Quick Update

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone. Thank you for all your support so far with the podcast- from messages, listens , follows on social media and reviews. It truly means a lot to me. Thank you. A huge thank you also t...

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December 18, 2020

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

"These are the shadows of things that have been. That they are what they are, do not blame me!" Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol As the nights draw in and the year comes to its close - when the veil between the living and t...

Ghosts Ghost Story History Paranormal

December 12, 2020

Home Away from Home Part 2: Haunting mysteries, tragic deaths & chilling beginnings of English pioneers in BC

The first episode of this two part podcast was only a warm up. Join us again with our special guests Haunted History BC as we give you even more chilling accounts of history and hauntings. We co...

True Crime Paranormal History Ghosts Of Canada Ghost Story Ghosts Guests

December 11, 2020

Home Away from Home Part 1: Haunting mysteries, tragic deaths & chilling beginnings of English pioneers in BC

This week join my guests Haunted History BC as we take you back in time to BC’s early days to the 1800’s as we travel among the realms of prominent early pioneers from England who settled in Briti...

Guests Ghosts Of Canada Ghosts Ghost Story History Paranormal True Crime

December 04, 2020

The Ghostly Lady In Green

Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe in Gloucestershire is a place that you fall in love with for its tranquility and beauty. This castle has one of the richest histories - it truly has everything- war, romance, royalty and tragedies...

Ghosts Of England Haunted Castle Ghosts Ghost Story History Paranormal

November 27, 2020

Salem 1692

Salem, Spirits, and the Supernatural: How Superstition Crossed an Ocean In today’s episode we will be joined by Josef from and to explore Salem: it’s history, the paranor...

Guests Ghosts Of America Ghosts Witch Trials Ghost Story History Paranormal

November 20, 2020

The Skirrid Mountain Inn

It is here on these grounds that more than 180 people would be hung in the stairwell- the marks from the rope still present on the beams to this day. The Skirrid Inn is believed to be the oldest pub in Wales and has a gruesom...

Haunted Inn Ghosts Of Wales Ghosts Ghost Story History Paranormal

November 13, 2020

The Haunted Halls of Rolling Hills Asylum

Joining me today to discuss Rolling Hills Asylum is Courtney from The Ghoul Guide over on . Rolling Hills is one of Courtney’s favourite locations and a place she has visited many times. Rolling Hi...

Guests Haunted Asylum Ghosts Of America Ghosts Ghost Story History Paranormal

November 06, 2020

Margam Castle: Murder and Ghostly Hauntings

Margam Castle has it all: murder, history and ghosts. A murder so gruesome that it would grip Wales in the summer of 1898 and continue to intrigue visitors and staff who regularly feel the presence of the murder victim here. ...

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