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Karin and Colin have a wealth of experience in the field of investigating the paranormal and have been part of the site paranormal investigation team at The Jamaica Inn in Cornwall for the past six years conducting research and regular investigations into the history, folklore and hauntings surrounding the inn. Their love, passion and enthusiasm for The Jamaica Inn and for the paranormal field itself is evident in everything that they do.

June 3, 2022

The Singapore Theory- Exploring Costume as Paranormal Stimuli

Joining me today are two guests Rusette Auton and Karin Beasant. Karin has previously featured in season one when exploring The Jamaica Inn and joined us today to share an amazing experiment that took place at Woodchester Ma...

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Jan. 16, 2021

The Jamaica Inn- Hauntings, History and Folklore

The Jamaica Inn has long provided travellers with a resting place and ales. It is also a location long associated with smugglers and wreckers- people who would purposefully lure unsuspecting ships out at sea on to the awaiti...

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