Jan. 16, 2021

The Jamaica Inn- Hauntings, History and Folklore

The Jamaica Inn- Hauntings, History and Folklore

The Jamaica Inn has long provided travellers with a resting place and ales.  It is also a location long associated with smugglers and wreckers- people who would purposefully lure unsuspecting ships out at sea on to the awaiting rocks. These ships would then be looted and stripped of all cargo. The Jamaica Inn provided a perfect location to hide these goods- isolated as it is on the moor. A light would be placed in a small square window to provide the all clear for nearby smugglers waiting out on the misty moors.

Joining me today are Karin and Colin who make up part of the Jamaica Inn Paranormal Team. The team have had the unique experience of being the site team investigating the history, hauntings and folklore associated with this remarkable location made famous by the book 'The Jamaica Inn' written by Daphne du Maurier. 

The inn though offers far more than the book and the tales of smugglers that it has to offer... something that today's guests will be giving us a unique glipse of from some of their many investigations and the wealth of research that they undertake. 


Light your candles and join us in discovering some of the mysteries of this inn....


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Jamaica Inn Paranormal Team Profile Photo

Jamaica Inn Paranormal Team


Karin Beasant has a wealth of experience in the field of investigating the paranormal and has been part of the site paranormal investigation team at The Jamaica Inn in Cornwall for the past eight years conducting research and regular investigations into the history, folklore and hauntings surrounding the inn. Her love, passion and enthusiasm for The Jamaica Inn and for the paranormal field itself is evident in everything that she does.