Jan. 23, 2021

The Mysteries of Tettenhall Towers

The Mysteries of Tettenhall Towers

Tettenhall Towers was first built as a country house in 1771 before being turned into the school that it is today. This large country home was the residence of some intriguing and 'interesting' characters- figures we will be exploring in this podcast as many believe that they are still connected to the school today. 

Like the men who helped to build this house Tettenhall Towers is equally as mysterious. The Towers for many has a frightening reputation and one with many areas where people have refused to enter. This is a building composed of dark repressive corridors and spooky stairways leading to a maze of rooms and attics and cellars- ones that we will journey through in this podcast to explore the history, the intrigue and the hauntings associated with this school.

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