April 5, 2022

In Search of The Medieval

In Search of The Medieval

As Season 3 of the podcast begins I am incredibly excited and honoured to announce that an essay I wrote features in the newly released The Feminine Macabre Volume III.

The three volumes showcase the work of women and non-binary paranormal researchers, historians and investigators from all over the globe highlighting their research and theories on witchcraft, hauntings, astrology, folklore, Victorian Spiritualism, dark history, tarot, cryptids, and more.

I have been fortunate to chat with some of the previous contributors which you can find in the links below:


Paranormal Women- A Hidden History with Allison Jornlin


A Journey In Death with Aoife Sutton


Bridging Science and Spirituality in the Paranormal- an interview with Cherise Williams


The Feminine Macabre- an interview with Amy Bennett and Chris Amandier


The Feminine Macabre featuring Amanda Woomer

You can explore my essay In Search of the Medieval by visiting https://spookeats.com/femininemacabre/ or via Amazon. My essay explores some of the macabre history of the Medieval period and the connection that this may have to paranormal activity and ghost lore. My essay sits alongside an incredible collection of different works. I am part way through the journal as of posting this blog and I can tell already that this is a journal I am going to want to read again and again and again. It has already resulted in me grabbing my trusty post it notes to write questions or thoughts or follow ups I want to look into. At the back of each journal are details of where to go to follow the different contributors. It is a great way to continue to see what projects they undertake and share so make sure to check those out if you dive into the journals.


Submissions for Volume IV open on April 1st and close June 1st. Make sure to subscribe to https://spookeats.com/ to keep an eye on this. Hopefully some of you are encouraged to put pen to paper like I was and submit your own words. 


Happy Reading, Michelle