Sept. 17, 2021

The Feminine Macabre- an interview with Amy Bennett and Chris Amandier

The Feminine Macabre- an interview with Amy Bennett and Chris Amandier

Joining me today to talk about their pieces in The Feminine Macabre I and II are Amy Bennett from Full Dark Paranormal and Chris Amandier from Buried Secrets Podcast. We are going to be looking a little closer at their pieces centered on Ouijamania from the 1920s, Hell's Gate, colourful female ghosts and asylums and exploring them from some different angles and topic points. 

These pieces threw up a range of fascinating questions and insights linked to their macabre writings and I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed participating in this discussion with my guests. 

As of recording the podcast Volume II had not been released but has subsequently been published and can now be enjoyed alongside Volume I. You can purchase these through Amazon or via Amanda Woomer's website If you haven't yet dipped your toe into these journals to see some of the amazing body of research and information then I highly recommend. I have thoroughly enjoyed devouring both volumes and I am sure you will too. Congratulations, and well done, to all the contributors of these volumes. Thank you Amanda for giving a place for these essays to have a voice and platform.


Thank you for listening.

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Amy BennettProfile Photo

Amy Bennett

Paranormal Investigator

Amy is based in upstate New York and is part of Full Dark Paranormal Explorers. She has a BA in Anthropology and Religious Studies and an MSc in European Archaeology.

Chris AmandierProfile Photo

Chris Amandier

Guest, Podcast Host

Chris Amandier lives in Queens, New York, and is the host of Buried Secrets Podcast, a podcast about the paranormal, the occult, and weird and forgotten history.