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June 17, 2024

E30 | How to harness self-love for healing from chronic conditions

E30 | How to harness self-love for healing from chronic conditions

Have you ever felt like your body is your biggest adversary in your chronic illness journey?

One of the biggest mistakes people with chronic conditions make is believing that self-love is a luxury they can't afford, when in reality, it's the key to their healing and resilience.

They often believe their bodies have turned against them and that only medications can help. This prevents them from listening to their bodies' messages and supporting the healing process. 

Today, explore why self-love, particularly towards your own body, is crucial, and discover three actionable steps to stop seeing your body as your enemy.


  • Why self-love is not a luxury but a fundamental part of healing.
  • How to understand and act on your body's messages rather than seeing them as betrayals.
  • Three actionable self-love practices to start incorporating into your routine today.


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Book Recommendations:

The poetic underground by Erin Hanson

If your body could talk by Jacquie Sharples

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Your body knows how to heal, are you ready to support it?


01:56 - "Never trust a mirror"

03:25 - Overcoming sciatic pain by trusting my body to heal

07:23 - Why it’s easy to start seeing your body as defective

09:04 - Stop seeing your body as the enemy.

10:55 - Three ways to get started with doing this

13:39 - Shifting your perspective from one of conflict to one of understanding and care