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Dec. 11, 2023

Episode 001 | How I healed my daughter’s severe health issues when conventional medicine failed

Episode 001 | How I healed my daughter’s severe health issues when conventional medicine failed

Have you been told that a lifetime of medications and suffering is the only path?

You have been taking immune-suppressing medications, but your symptoms have continued to worsen.

Our immune system is always responding to anything that looks like a threat to ensure your survival, bringing awareness to these triggers will all be discovered through this podcast series.


  • Underlying causes for chronic health issues, functional medicine can help you identify and address the true root causes of your disease.
  • How our genes and modern lifestyle choices, trigger autoimmune activation 
  • How our immune systems are always taking note and responding to anything that looks like a threat to ensure your survival.

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 In today's episode, I'm going to share with you how I heal my daughter's severe eczema and how you can use the same approach when you're not getting any answers, so that you find relief from your symptoms by addressing the root causes. That's all coming up next right here on Embrace Your Healing Journey podcast. Stay tuned. 2s Why is my skin always like this? Why doesn't it get any better? When will my skin look normal? And when can I play with my friends? My six year old daughter had tears in her eyes. I had no real answer for her. But I would not lie to her. At that time, she was taking strong oral medications to keep her immune system and her eczema under control. And even with all these medications, her medical condition was unpredictable and uncertain. And that was the time when I was desperately searching for answers, when I didn't know whether my daughter would ever live a life free of pain, injections, treatments and suffering. I was barely holding it together for myself and for my son, who was very small at that time. I clung to hope, praying for change and a better future. It was a difficult and uncertain time. I felt helpless as I watched my daughter unable to sleep night after night, and this had gone on for about ten years. I feel scared of what her future, our future would bring us. And then in the summer of 2013, the unthinkable happened. She had to be hospitalized in the ICU with her life threatening infections due to one of the medications given to her to manage her severe eczema. She was admitted to the hospital with a complete bone marrow suppression and the darkest moment in this crisis when, when the doctors started thinking of a bone marrow transplant, if she didn't start recovering soon. Fortunately, she started recovering two weeks after she was admitted. In fact, we cut her cake in the ICU on the 4th of July to celebrate her seventh birthday and the fact that she was going to be okay. I still remember it was a fruitcake. It was a white fruitcake that the nurses got for her, and she came back home after a month to a long and slow recovery. But even after that, she had to remain on strong medications like oral steroids and other immunosuppressive medications to manage her condition. Conventional medicine seemed to have no other solution. This time, however, I was determined that she would not live the rest of her life like this. And I decided to leave no stone unturned as I looked for a more gentle solution. I had the amazing support from my family so I could keep going. And in 2014, I literally stumbled across functional medicine. Functional medicine is all about the science of health creation, and it's a personalized method of getting to the root of symptoms and restoring balance. 1s According to Dr. Jeffrey Bland, who is the considered to be the father of functional medicine, functional medicine looks at patterns of dysfunction underlying a chronic illness, and it takes a systems approach to the body. Why? Because the body contains a network of organ systems immune, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, etcetera. But here the important word is network. All these symptoms systems are linked. And each system is composed of organs that work together to perform a biological function. In other words, by searching for underlying causes for chronic health issues, functional medicine can help you identify and address the true root causes of your disease. In my daughter's case by focusing on her gut health, which is actually the first and the most important area, then that you need to focus on for any immune system related health issues. Her symptoms started going away, and after two long years of introducing a functional medicine approach, she got off all her medications. She's had a flare up a couple of times and after a long time, actually. But it's nowhere close to being as bad as it used to be before. And we never lose hope anymore. I will be covering more about gut health in detail in episode five, and I will be sharing with you a step by step approach of how you can bring it back into balance. But for now, I want to offer you hope and support. If you've been told that a lifetime of medications and suffering is the only path, I'm here to tell you, there's another way. And I'm passionate about empowering women like you to take charge of your own health. And I want you to break free from the feelings of helplessness so that you can create a better and vibrant life. Which brings me to what I'm talking about today. The biggest issue of all that gets way in the way of people being able to reverse their symptoms and not just suppress them. 2s So you have been taking immune suppressing medications for more than one year, but your symptoms have continued to worsen. You have been looking for a diagnosis, going to different specialists, getting test done. But you you've gone on to develop yet one more autoimmune condition. You're not able to plan any trips, movies, or dinners because you just don't know how you will feel from one day to another. In other words, you're stuck in what I call a disease Merry-Go-Round. Because the biggest mistake that people make is that the belief that autoimmune conditions cannot be reversed, or even other chronic illnesses cannot be reversed, and they depend only on medications to manage their condition. And because of that, they spend a lifetime on medications not getting any better and go on to develop more autoimmune conditions in the future. Because here is what you need to know. Having 1 or 2 immune disease makes you three times more likely to develop another. 1s The thing is, autoimmune condition does not develop because of some random confusion or a lack of discernment in the immune system, but it's rather an evidence of dysregulation in our immune system that occurs mostly because of the disconnect between our genetic foundations, that is, our genes and a modern lifestyle choices, which is our habits are the toxins that we take from the atmosphere, the foods that we consume. 1s Our immune system is always taking note and responding to anything that looks like a threat to ensure your survival. So when you add in the fact that you've inherited the genes for a particular condition and your gut health is compromised, a trigger is enough to set off an auto immune activation. And this is where gut health is of primary importance. This is what happened in my daughter's case. And it's something that you need to address as well. But most people don't end up realizing this. And women dependent on a lifetime of medications. I address this in the next podcast episode where I share three mistakes that people make when it comes to dealing with the chronic condition. I also talk about this in more details in my free e-book, The Autoimmune Symptoms Relief Guide, which is a non-medical guide that contains top tips for managing autoimmune flares and finding daily relief without the help of medications. 3s Thank you so much for joining me for the first episode of Embrace Your Healing Journey. If you want to take the next step in discovering in your own power to heal by figuring out what needs to be done, sign up to download the free e-book Dot Immune Systems Relief Guide. Head to an intercom. Forward slash symptom relief.