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Embrace your healing journey

Feb. 15, 2024

E012 | Why doctors don't have ALL the answers

Doctors alone can't solve complex chronic health issues. Take an active role in your healing by exploring lifestyle changes, alternative modalities, working collaboratively with doctors, and addressing root causes.

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Feb. 8, 2024

E011 | Take back control from autoimmune flare-ups

Unpredictable autoimmune flares disrupt life, but they signal your body needs support. Tune in as host Anindita explains a step-by-step method to understand symptoms, identify shifts early, and create habits so your body’s innate healing abilities can restore stability.

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Feb. 1, 2024

E010 I Why healing is still possible for chronic illnesses with no cu…

Have you come to terms with a diagnosis, only to later feel lost and frustrated all over again? Pushing your body to fight through pain and exhaustion is not the only way to manage living with chronic illness. There is …

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Jan. 25, 2024

E09 | 5 Autoimmune Myths Busted: What You Really Need to Know

What if everything you thought you knew about autoimmune diseases was wrong? You may feel hopeless and stuck in your healing journey, believing there are no solutions. But myths about autoimmune diseases cause needless suffer...

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Jan. 18, 2024

Episode 008 | Eliminating gluten and dairy didn’t work, now what?

Have you struggled with the challenges of eliminating foods from your diet to help manage a chronic condition such as autoimmune disease? Many people find that simply removing trigger foods like gluten, dairy or corn doesn't ...

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Dec. 11, 2023

Episode 002 | 3 mistakes that people make when it comes to managing t…

Are you living with a chronic illness But your symptoms keep getting worse despite your best efforts? You have tried medications, every diet option, all with little to no improvement and losing valuable time. I want to shorten that time …

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Dec. 11, 2023

Episode 003 | Reversing Autoimmune Disease: Is Healing Possible?

Can you actually reverse an incurable disease, such as an autoimmune condition? Your body knows how to heal, are you ready to heal it? Chronic illnesses like autoimmune conditions arise due to underlying dysfunctions. Healing...

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