Sept. 7, 2021

Episode 131: Facundo Lugones - Find a Way

Episode 131: Facundo Lugones - Find a Way

Facundo Lugones has been Cameron Norrie´s coach since 2017. 

The pair played together on the Mens Tennis Team at Texas Christian University for 12 months, before Facu became a Graduate Coach for the team. 

The 28-year-old Argentinian has guided Norrie to 3 ATP Challenger Tour titles, and 2 ATP Tour Doubles Titles. In June, Norrie reached the final at Queens, before winning his first ATP title in July in Los Cabos, breaking into the top 30 for the first time.

In this episode, CTC Host Dan Kiernan chats to Facu about:-

  • Why he thinks Norrie has had such a successful 2021 so far.
  • Growing up playing in Argentina with Diego Schwartzman & Nicolás Kicker
  • Why he thinks Argentina is producing so many players
  • Why he doesn´t think money is an obstacle for players to be successful
  • HIs time at US College and how he moved from playing into coaching.
  • His advice to young coaches.

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