Aug. 9, 2022

#171: Ken Skupski on his Retirement from Pro Tennis

#171: Ken Skupski on his Retirement from Pro Tennis

Ken Skupski is one of GB´s most successful doubles players. 

After a career spanning 3 decades, he recently retired from pro tennis playing his last match in the Mens Doubles at Wimbledon. 

In today´s episode, Ken talks through his career in numbers and in words. From his success in Juniors, to his US College days at Louisiana State University, through to his 18 years on the pro tour,  he shares his honest learnings, his memories and the challenges of the past 20+ years including:- 

  • GB´s Davis Cup Final win in 2015, including that winning moment.
  • Reaching a career high doubles ranking of ATP 44, three times!
  • The challenge of choosing the right doubles partner and when to move on.
  • The pride he felt living out a family ambition as he partnered brother Neal to many successes.
  • Life after pro tennis, including the Skupski Doubles Academy.

Ken Skupski on Control the Controllables

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