Nov. 4, 2021

#7 - David's Story | Revoice, "Coming Out", Facing Tensions, Finding Stability

#7 - David's Story | Revoice,

David Frank shares about his "coming out" story at church and with family, reflecting on formative influences on his sexuality, and how God has established him in a Side B life that is committed to sewing into community.


[CONTENT WARNING: Story includes brief mentions of direct sexual desire and addiction.]


1:03 - Revoice Recap

6:48 - Jesus and My Sexuality

14:07 - Sin and Fanning the Flames

17:50 - About Coming Out to My Church

29:32 - Coming Out to My Family

39:12 - Why Do I Struggle Less?

47:43 - Difficulties & Gifts of Being Queer/SSA/etc. 

50:33 - Why not Side A? Why Side B?

53:10 - 1st Principal and Foundation of St. Ignatius*


Show Notes:

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