Feb. 21, 2024

#41 - Unexpected Shifts: Josh’s Story of Prayer, Healing, and Attraction

#41 - Unexpected Shifts: Josh’s Story of Prayer, Healing, and Attraction
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David’s friend Josh had a pretty radical experience of “healing”…

Supernatural healing is always a complex topic, and with sexual attraction this continues to prove true. Does orientation change? Should we pray for it to change? Josh used to experience same-sex sexual attraction, and through some unusual events, he is also increasingly attracted to women. We offer his story as a provoking thought piece as we try to make sense of how God may work in each of our lives.

Note: This episode briefly includes content suitable for adult audiences; listener discretion is advised.



(1:22) "An overwhelmingly positive church upbringing”

(10:33) God makes a ... joke

(18:42) Experiencing (bi?) attraction after healing

(29:13) I don't prescribe theology, but don't write off healing

(43:41) Has progressive theology ever been persuasive to you?


Links and References

Something They Will Not Forget by Joshua Gibbs

A History of Romance in the West—Part 2 with Kathryn Mogk Wagner” - episode #19, published 12/8/2022

Note: This episode uses the terms “Side A” and “Side B” (and X, Y) as shorthand quite a bit. If you’re new to the conversation, you might find it helpful to check out Communion & Shalom episode #3, where we talk through the four “sides”: ⁠#3 - A-B-Y-X | 4 Sides on SSA/Gay Sexuality⁠


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