March 13, 2024

#42 - Our Food Is Your Food: An Ode to Common Pantry, with Hannah Hiler

#42 - Our Food Is Your Food: An Ode to Common Pantry, with Hannah Hiler
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Let’s talk about common pantry, ya’ll. Today we’re taking on the nitty gritty details of sharing food with people, usually those you live with. Why on earth does this even need to be talked about?

Well, those of you in a “traditional” couple-with-children household probably already share food (often whether or not you want to). But any of you living alone or with other single roommates may find sharing food with others appalling, unappealing, or just plain impossible.

Friend of the podcast Hannah Hiler is here to tell you differently! David talks with Hannah about why she advocates for sharing a common pantry with others—why it follows God’s call for sacrificial community, how it creates generous hospitality, and some details that can make it work or fail.—

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Timestamps(00:37) Introducing Hannah(03:28) Christian community=Living with others(8:14) “Common Pantry: Everything in the fridge is yours(25:18) Free beans and rice for everyone?(31:53) When you SHOULDN'T do Common Pantry(40:56) Single human seeking independence__________

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