April 24, 2024

#44 - On Finding and Bringing Hope, with Nate Collins from Revoice

#44 - On Finding and Bringing Hope, with Nate Collins from Revoice
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Nate Collins has been part of the Christian conversation around faith and sexuality for decades. He founded Revoice, a conference and ministry for queer/same-sex-attracted Christians, and he’s written two books on the topic. Also, Nate is himself gay or same-sex-attracted and in a mixed-orientation marriage. We are looking forward to sharing Nate’s and Revoice’s story with you, and also encouraging you to attend the Revoice conference with us this summer!

PS: at Revoice2024, come visit TJ and David at our workshop on (Re)discovering Kinship beyond Marriage. We would love to talk to you!

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About Our Guest

Nate Collins is the founding president of Revoice, a ministry with a mission to support and encourage gay, bisexual, same-sex attracted, or other queer Christians—and those who love them—to live out the historic Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality. He is the author of All But Invisible: Exploring Identity Questions at the Intersection of Faith, Gender, and Sexuality (Zondervan, 2017), as well as a forthcoming volume about sexuality in the Biblical Theology for Life series from Zondervan Academic. He has an Masters of Divinity and PhD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Nate and his wife, Sara, live in St. Louis, MO, with their three children.

Note: This episode uses the terms “Side A” and “Side B” (and X, Y) as shorthand quite a bit. If you’re new to the conversation, you might find it helpful to check out Communion & Shalom episode #3, where we talk through the four “sides”: ⁠#3 - A-B-Y-X | 4 Sides on SSA/Gay Sexuality⁠


(1:42) Who is Nate, apart from Revoice?

(10:04) On "mixed orientation marriages”

(23:18) Joining the faith & sexuality conversation over 20 years

(47:40) Fruit of Revoice: Hope in flourishing, community

(49:40) Aaand the Revoice conference promo code

(50:26) Does Side B "mandate celibacy"?

(54:57) Talking "Side X", pursuing change, new creation

(1:01:14) Identity politics for Christians

Links and References

Here are some resources or terms we mentioned in this episode, in case it’s helpful for your understanding and/or Google searching…

Spiritual Friendship blog: spiritualfriendship.org/Nashville Statement: cbmw.org/nashville-statement/GCN=Gay Christian NetworkQCF=Queer Christian FellowshipExodus=Exodus International Ministries

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