About the Show 

Communion & Shalom is a podcast where we bring in a variety of voices to discuss how the Christian faith engages sexuality, ethnicity, culture, and local communities, as we pursue the flourishing of the Triune God's kingdom. 

We glady situate our lives and work within Side B, post-liberal, localist, and multi-ethnic perspectives.

In our show, we have particular interest in thinking about how queer/LGBT+/SS(S)A/etc. Christians can flourish in the Church and the apostolic and orthodox Christian sexual ethic. Additionally, we are eager to talk about roots and place in a way that can be of use to all people in our late-modernist capitalist age.

About the Hosts

Our devoted team of hosts is eager to explore the issues we talk about with one another as well as our audience.

TJ Espinoza

TJ is a queer, mestizo man who has homes and family in Mexico, the US-Midwest, and sub-Saharan Africa. He is a member of both the Anglican Church of North America and an African Christian communion. He loves books, conversation, exercise, languages, and is an aspiring writer and gardener. He is also one of those people who wants to change the world... :) 

In his life, he seeks charity and nuance, and he is eager to connect both theological and socio-cultural reflection together as part of thinking about how to best walk with the Triune God.

David Frank

David Frank is a home grown Mennonite from Arizona who now finds himself in Minnesota as a non-straight, Reformed Christian. He serves as a leader at his church in the Twin Cities, and he lives in a intentional Christian community house in Minneapolis.  He is a great lover of nuanced discussion on complex topics, and he hopes all of our conversations will help us and others better pursue the interdependent community life God calls us to in Jesus Christ.