Nov. 9, 2023

BONUS: Linden Hope's Songs for the Bees (Debut Album)

BONUS: Linden Hope's Songs for the Bees (Debut Album)
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Linden Hope's debut album comes from her collection of songs processing through her own journey of faith and sexuality. Please contribute love to the "Bees" by supporting her kickstarter by November 21st.

*The "Bees" is a term of affection for the Side B community, LGBTQ/SSA followers of Jesus who pick up their cross and follow him in a traditional Christian sexual ethic through the difficult terrain of their sexualities.

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Switchfoot Has Never Let You Down - Common Good (

(00:00) Intro song "Chosen" by Linden Hope
(16:32) Song preview of "Wild" by Linden Hope
(18:54) Kickstarter Description - ends 11/21

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