Nov. 29, 2023

#37 - Judge Daniel Quinan: The Telos of Sex and (Catholic) Marriage

#37 - Judge Daniel Quinan: The Telos of Sex and (Catholic) Marriage
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Catholic canon lawyer Daniel Quinan works for the Catholic church, not the state legal system, reviewing marriage annullment cases for the Catholic Archdiocese. If you’re Catholic, maybe you’re familiar with this system. If you’re not, it may be totally new to you. We wanted to hear from Daniel on how Catholic understandings of justice, catechism, and canon law directly impact treatment of those in the church who are LGBT/queer/same-sex attracted. David and TJ talk with Daniel about marriage, procreation, contraception, sexual intercourse, and a bunch of other topics that are legal and technical and somehow still might make your grandmother blush. (Although… we don’t know your grandmother. Maybe she’d be fine.)

Join us for our brief educational tour!

About Our Guest:

Daniel Quinan is a canon lawyer (JCL) currently working for the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. His public writing on LGBTQ Catholic matters is currently published on the Spiritual Friendship blog, and also in a number of canon law Advisory Opinions (available on You can find him more informally on most social media platforms @masterjedi747, which is his old AIM screen name, a fact that stands as a testimony to his millennial nerd credentials.



(0:00:26) Daniel's background: Catholic, canon lawyer, side B

(0:10:16) What is canon law?

(0:20:39) The Catholic tradition on same-sex attraction or orientation

(0:30:21) What is sex for?

(0:40:23) Contraception and the meaning of marriage

(0:44:31) Why can some people marry but not others (in the Catholic church)?

(0:53:24) "Disordered" in the Catholic catechism

(1:16:45) Celibate partnerships/chaste same sex unions in Catholic tradition and law

(1:25:12) Perspectives on Father James Martin

(1:28:20) A vision for queer people in the Catholic church


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