June 14, 2023

#29 - Weigh and Consider the World: Joel Carini on Nature, Truth, and Side B

#29 - Weigh and Consider the World: Joel Carini on Nature, Truth, and Side B

We (TJ and David) first connected with philosopher Joel Carini from a few of his articles on a reformed theology of same-sex attraction. In this episode, Joel joined us for a conversation around various Christian contexts, nature and grace, Side B and identity language, and, of course, philosophy. We appreciate Joel’s care and thoughtfulness around his work, and we hope (whether you agree with him or not) you’ll find his approach worth engaging!

Note: This episode uses the terms “Side A” and “Side B” as shorthand quite a bit. If you’re new to the conversation, we recommend one of these resources as an overview.



(0:59) Joel's background

(05:12) Sidenote: new urbanist community

(08:06) Moving toward reformed theology

(10:56) Studying philosophy as a follower of Jesus

(31:15) What is orthodoxy, and what isn't?

(41:01) What is a "natural theologian"?

(48:09) How theology/philosophy helps me love God and others

(54:26) Why conservative Christians emphasize identity language?

(1:00:28) Becoming sympathetic to side B

(1:11:18) People's responses in your church circles

(1:26:36) Sharing side B with conservative Christians

(1:35:38) Advice for intellectuals in the side B conversation


Links and References

Joel Carini’s Substack: https://joelcarini.substack.com/

“Same Sex Attraction and the Misery of Our Condition” https://joelcarini.substack.com/p/same-sex-attraction-and-the-misery

Confused about something they referenced in this podcast? So was Podcast Manager Elena. We can’t link to every one of them…so instead here’s the references we caught, spelled correctly, for your easier Google searching:

John Piper (Bethlehem Baptist), Greg Beale, Karl Barth, Van Till (Westminster presuppositionalism), Carl Trueman, Wayne Grudem and complementarianism and egalitarianism, Bruce Ware, heterodox, Miguel de Unamuno (existentialist novelist), Greg Johnson in Christianity Today magazine, Retreat to Commitment by W. W. Bartley III, subordinationism, Bethel McGrew, Wesley Hill’s book Spiritual Friendship


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