March 22, 2023

#25 - Ethnicity: Where Do We Come From? Why Does It Matter?

#25 - Ethnicity: Where Do We Come From? Why Does It Matter?

Ethnicity, race, nationalism… Just bringing up those words can raise the temperature of the room. These topics intersect and affect our daily lives in ways that are so important—how do we, as Christians, engage these topics well?

We share some initial thoughts on ethnicity and on why it can be important to focus on it, or de-emphasize it, in our daily lives.

We welcome your input and sharpening of these ideas, as always. Thanks for listening!



(04:33) Defining “ethnicity”

(08:28) David’s ethnic background, plus a quick definition of "Mennonite”

(21:36) Finding your roots, and Disney's Moana

(28:32) TJ's ethnic background

(32:39) Tensions in community, family, and what roots you grow

(37:57) Counter-argument: “Ethnic tribalism is a threat to peaceful universalism”

(50:51) Wrapping up


Links and References

“The Radical Anti-Racism of Christopher Hitchens”


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