How loud is your inner critic? Would you love to silence the inner critic and develop the skills to Speak in Flow? After a decade of studying the state of flow, Melinda Lee has found the actionable and practical steps for heart-centred leaders to develop their communication confidence. Melinda helps leaders like you overcome their fear of public speaking and transform self-doubt into confidence & freedom, so they can exponentially increase their impact with heart and ease. We all have an internal dial of authentic strength, and when we learn to turn it up in spite of our circumstances, people feel and hear us, and our world changes. That is the power of our voice. When we Speak in Flow: · We feel free to be ourselves. · We speak from the heart. · We can connect with our audience · We feel more in alignment with our purpose. · Other people are attracted to us, and more opportunities show up! There are many ways to manifest authority, abundance and influence. What I stand for and love doing is empowering others to get in touch with their heart, tune into their intuition, and communicate their truth. This is Speak in Flow.